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Interview Series by GoodFirms - Michal Kowalkowski

Lisa Brian

Our goal is to establish No Spoilers as the top globally recognized inventory management software leading the market with its versatile yet exclusive features, intuitive user interface, amazing functionality, and value-based pricing model.

Michal Kowalkowski, CEO at No Spoilers

Michal Kowalkowski, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of No Spoilers, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they developed this feature-rich inventory management software to help businesses perform eminently with ingenious tools, superior functionality, and value-added inventory management.

Based in Poland, No Spoilers is a cloud-based, feature-packed food and beverage inventory control software designed to fulfill numerous unique and complex inventory management needs of hospitality businesses. The software offers comprehensive inventory management features to help businesses streamline and control inventory management operations by faster execution of stock controls, reducing food wastage by almost 50% & product losses by up to 40%, and shrinking inventory control employment costs by up to 70%.

Businesses can leverage No Spoilers system to set the optimum periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) levels and automatically generate inventory orders, control suppliers with incoming inventory control, gather & analyze business data for informed decision-making, and identify & report losses due to wastage and other sources.

The software offers extensive inventory management features, including inventory control, inventory optimization, purchasing, pricing management, mobile access, analytics & reporting, and more. It also helps track open bottles and partial portions with smart Bluetooth scales. It also allows quickly identifying products with the smartphone acting as a barcode reader and scanning invoices conveniently using smartphones.

The company allows multiple flexible, subscription-based pricing plans for the No Spoilers platform that the customers can choose from based on their needs and budget.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of the No Spoilers inventory management system directly with Michal Kowalkowski, the CEO and the Founder of No Spoilers, to learn more about their product. Being from a technical background, Michal is passionate about optimization and automation. His role in the company is wide-ranging, from building & launching new products to writing code, marketing, and sales.

Versatile Inventory Management Software

Initiating the interview, Michal describes No Spoilers as an all-inclusive, smart inventory management solution meant to serve the comprehensive inventory and order management needs of hospitality companies, restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, and distributors.

When questioned about what motivated the company to create No Spoilers inventory management software, Michal explains that hospitality businesses typically face two major stock control problems. The first is data collecting. He adds that bars & restaurants have some unique stock control requirements as here various products are sold by portion – wines, spirits, liquors, soft drinks, etc. Usually, each venue has around 200 to 300 opened beverage containers. For stock control, each opened bottle is separately measured, and the result is written in a calculation sheet. It thus takes a lot of work to stock control a bar, around 30 man-hours per stock take. Moreover, businesses typically stock control a bar once a week. Consequently, manual stock control is an expensive process with doubted accuracy. On top of that, the existing software tools available were either extremely expensive or archaic and inefficient.

Besides, stocktake reporting was another significant challenge, Michal informs. Data from multiple sources is needed to generate a full stock control report, including the Point-of-Sale system, received supplies list, wastage data, and stock levels from two points in time. However, gathering data from so many different sources made reporting extremely time-consuming.

The aim to create a solution for these two issues for businesses motivated the company to develop No Spoilers inventory management software.

Distinctive Features and Offerings

Talking about the unique features of No Spoilers, Michal elaborates that the software offers many distinctive tools, including smart ordering, data import, real-time reporting, customizable alerts, and food waste prevention.

Michal adds that the smart ordering tool leverages machine learning (ML) algorithms to predict the demand and monitor the inventory levels at each location. Based on this, it creates a supply order for each location. The data import tool allows importing data from any source. Real-time reporting makes reports available in real-time. The customizable alerts feature automatically sends relevant alerts to users via email or text message whenever the inventory is low or excessive. The food waste prevention feature of the No Spoiler software platform helps businesses track wastes and understand where and why these are being wasted.

Michal explains how No spoilers software offers significant value addition to its customers compared to the competitor products in the market. The software gathers information regarding stock levels through the smart scale (hardware) tool connected via Bluetooth to mobile applications or a smartphone. Moreover, it offers seamless integration with Point-of-Sale (POS) systems to automate many related processes.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Michal claims that the company takes diligent care to ensure customer success and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to customers. They also provide free training and consulting. The customer support team works closely with the customers to understand their needs and ensure that they get the best value from the No Spoilers software.

Discussing customer retention, Michal reveals that they have a good number of repeat customers, many trusting and leveraging No Spoilers also because of the reliable customer service. He gladly notifies that though it is their first year in the market, so far all of their customers have renewed their licenses.

Dedicated Customer Support

Michal reiterates that the company offers highly responsive classic email support and live chat support built into the app for their customers’ queries. Besides, they maintain a comprehensive knowledge base in the form of documentation, videos, tutorials, and blog posts about industry news, best practices, and case studies to help their customers get acquainted with No Spoilers.

No Spoilers – The Best Inventory Management Software

“In 10 years, No Spoilers will become a leading player in the global market and a standard component of all hospitality businesses. It will be used by everyone who wants to reduce food loss and waste in their operations,” says Michal.

Earning a revenue of USD 30,000 in just one year, No Spoilers is emerging as a market leader and a popular choice for businesses looking for inventory management software. GoodFirms researchers have endorsed No Spoilers as one of the best inventory management software for its broad functionality, unique features, user-friendly interface, diligent customer support, and flexible yet reasonable pricing.

To know more about the offerings of No Spoilers, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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