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Our Mission
Making Hospitality Efficient.

Making Hospitality Efficient. We believe that every task in your hospitality business which drags your awareness away from clients and guests must be limited. This means reducing the time you spend on such tasks, for example by making them automated. One of these activities is beverage and food inventory control, and we make it a breeze.

Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Michał Kowalkowski

I have been passionate about computers ever since I was a child. I started programming and making my first webpages while still in middle-school. Soon after high-school, I moved to Shanghai, China. After some time working as a web developer I founded my first startup company. A few years ago, I came back to my home country and reconnected with Luke, my high school friend. The idea for a new company was born – No Spoilers.

Chief Operating Officer

Luke Firmowski

I have been working in the hospitality industry for many years. As a bar manager and then, restaurant owner, I struggled with the problem of efficient inventory control. I started with programming inventory spreadsheets macros. I have always dreamed about turning those simple ideas into a scalable solution that would be available for all hospitality business owners.

Chief Technical Officer

Mateusz Kalinowski

I begun working with databases during my master studies. I majored in software and database engineering, so I was happy to get experience in that field working for corporate clients. Michal, my friend from college, reached out to me and told me about No Spoilers. I thought it solved an interesting problem and my skills would greatly benefit the team.

Cocktail Mixing Developer

Jan Wyrwiński

I am a mixologist turned developer. I worked in the hospitality industry doing various jobs – from barback to bartender. However, I wanted a change of career and became a programmer. I am happy to have found No Spoilers, where I can develop my new passion for coding and help an industry that is close to my heart.

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