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Think globally, act locally - CityEcoView

Michał Kowalkowski

We all want to make decisions that will impact our environment in a positive way. As a consumer, we want to support businesses that take action to be eco-friendly. As a business owner who takes sustainability seriously, you want to be recognized for all the good you are doing.

Green mission statements are wonderful. They make you feel good about the company you’re doing business with. They help companies get funding, and track their progress towards sustainability goals.

The problem is, they are often just a marketing ploy.

That is why Ksawery Zieliński created CityEcoView.

CityEcoView helps businesses put their best foot forward by promoting their best sustainable solutions and initiatives.

Thanks to CityEcoView map customers can easily find local sustainable companies they want to use.

Users are also given the power to verify and review initiatives taken by the businesses in their area.

As No Spoilers we support all projects that encourage sustainability. That is why we are partnering up with CityEcoView to promote and review the efforts of restauranteurs in the area of food waste.

We hope that by working together we can help make a difference in our community and promote practices like: using standard recipes, avoiding over-ordering, monitoring waste, reducing portion sizes, proper storage, staff education, and proper inventory control.

Visit CityEcoView and make your mark on a sustainability map!

Michał Kowalkowski

I have been passionate about computers ever since I was a child. I started programming and making my first webpages while still in middle-school. Soon after high-school, I moved to Shanghai, China. After some time working as a web developer I founded my first startup company. A few years ago, I came back to my home country and reconnected with Luke, my high school friend. The idea for a new company was born – No Spoilers.