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NoSpoilers Update: Offline Mode

Mateusz Kalinowski

We are happy to announce that this month No Spoilers mobile applications will get a serious overhaul. We will be adding the offline mode for both iOS and Android platforms.

Let there be light

Inventory control in wine cellars and speakeasy cocktail bars is a necessity. Some of these places don’t even have a proper lighting system, let alone mobile phone reception or wi-fi connection. In some of the latter, mobile devices are frowned upon. Yet, you still need to know, what’s going on in there.

We are addressing the issue of the mobile applications misbehaving in environments with little to none Internet access. You will be able to work much smoother with data being stored on your device locally and then synced with our cloud when you go online.

Can we make it better?

We are excited to roll out this new feature, but we also want to hear your feedback. Do you struggle with inventory control in your cellars or hidden areas? Let us know if you think this functionality will help your business. We will also be probably adding a small functionality to ease the consent management (legal issues/GDPR). Still, it brings no business value, so it’s not worth mentioning.

Mateusz Kalinowski

I begun working with databases during my master studies. I majored in software and database engineering, so I was happy to get experience in that field working for corporate clients. Michal, my friend from college, reached out to me and told me about No Spoilers. I thought it solved an interesting problem and my skills would greatly benefit the team.