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Bar Convent Berlin 2019

Christopher Reyes

For three days, STATION-Berlin became the biggest platform for mixologists, sommeliers, and many other hospitality professionals. As a result, the No Spoilers team hit the road to visit Bar Convent Berlin this year. The aim was to receive insights on industry trends, network with industry professionals for collaboration and partnerships and fully enjoy Berlin. 

Learn, Build, Succeed. 

Throughout the three day event, there were several classes focused on all aspects of running a bar. The most exciting ones for us were on sustainable ways of developing cocktails as well as different practices behind the bar to reduce waste. Many businesses and hospitality groups are thinking outside the box to provide a great customer experience. Here are a few classes we attended: 

Fermentation by Lars Williams from Noma: 

One of the worlds most highly acclaimed restaurant Noma described how they conduct R&D to create their dishes and cocktails sustainably. Throughout the course, Mr Williams displays a layout of what you can do as an expert or an amateur bartender to begin the process of fermentation. It also included what different directions you can use this practice towards your cocktails. 

Click here to learn more about Fermentation by Lars Williams. 

Pepper Exploration:

Presenters Alex Kratena and Erwan De Kerros from Monin introduced their audience to the intriguing world of different peppers. And how they can be utilized towards many varieties of cocktails that we use today. There are a thousand different types of peppers in the market today.

Did you know? Chilli Peppers’ spice is a defence mechanism against poachers.

The challenges of making authentic, environmentally friendly rum in the Carribean:

The challenges of making an authentic, environmentally responsible run in the Caribbean by Roberto Serralles of Don Q rum in Puerto Rico. It details how most rum distilleries all over the world produce an extreme amount of wastewater to produce any kind of rum. For every bottle of rum, there are five bottles of wastewater behind it. He later details the initiatives taken by Don Q to reduce waste while producing high-quality rum for their brand. 

Taste Like A Pro by Liam Scandrett: 

Liam brings us behind a figurative cocktail bar to teach us how to taste different spirits and liqueurs professionally. How to sip your cocktails to determine how it should feel and the consistency of the drink. Finally, how we as bartenders can teach our clients and co-workers to upgrade their craft through taste.

Global Shift, Climate Change & The Bar World: 

Industries across the spectrum are assessing their futures and gauging responses to the threats posed by global climate change. The beverage world is no different. This session explored the ways that distillers, bar owners and beverage media are each confronting the challenge. From production and operating processes to public engagement and active involvement in changing public policy

Alcohol & Cannabis Stack Up by Warren Bobrow:

The audience explores how CBD is becoming a new trend in the bartending world. The seminar also focused on how to utilize CBD in cocktails and garnishes. 

Finally, The Gin Journey by Jan Kreutz:

It brings the bartenders into the world of Gin, different styles, different distillations and the history of the spirit. It was the proper ending for this three-day event where most vendors at BCB were promoting some kind of Gin. Mostly in different flavours. If I had to take a good guess, people are promoting Gin to become the next flavoured Vodka. Although I don’t know if that will stick or not. 

Overall, Bar Convent Berlin checked all boxes in terms of education, entertainment and engagement with hospitality professionals from all parts of the world. 

Christopher Reyes