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Bar Convent Berlin 2019 - The NoSpoilers Experience

Akshay Shetty


Bar Convent Berlin a three-day event surpassed 15,000 visitors this year. A new record-breaking number indeed. 446 exhibitors from 48 countries presented some 1,200 brands, including spirits, sparkling wines, beers and fillers. Gin ruled the top position in the list of products followed by liqueurs, rum, vodka & tequila. However, the centre of attraction was Kühlhaus transformed into the “House of Rum”. A platform for rum makers and lover, visitors were able to discover the diversity of rum and expand their knowledge through a series of seminars. The topics of conscious consumption and sustainability were of prime focus throughout the event. Bar Convent Berlin once again proved to be the most essential business gathering for the spirit industry. 

For the NoSpoilers team, it was business and pleasure at the same time. Be it mindboggling cocktails or the overwhelming craft of bartenders from different parts of the world we enjoyed it all. Here is what our team had to say about their experience at BCB 2019:

michal no spoilers

Michal (CEO)

It was my first time attending Bar Convent Berlin. I was immensely impressed with the size of the event, and the amount of money and effort exhibitors have put into preparing for it. Most of the stands were designed to match the brand’s unique persona. The one that I remember most vividly was Kraken’s. Although small, it had plenty of character combining steampunk with mad scientist vibe.

The most innovative product I encountered was Hayman’s Small Gin. I had a chance to try gin and tonic, made with about 5 ml of it, and I could not make a difference between this low alcohol drink and the real thing.

The favourite cocktail I had during this year BCB was Old Fashioned, made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum. For me, lower sugar content and a bit of bitterness made it extremely enjoyable to drink, compared to other rums.

Bartek (COO)
luke no spoilers

In my opinion, it’s one of the best, if not the best, event focused on bartending craft & trade. It was a great occasion to taste many new products from the European market or products that are not available on the European market yet. Here is a list of my favourite booths and products:

Cocchi Americano. As a great fan of Cocchi Americano Bianco, I had to be there. And I don’t regret it at all. Fabulous people at the booth and another love found out – Cocchi Barolo Chinato.

One of the biggest surprises during BCB 2019 for me, was a tasting of overproof rum from Autentico Nativo Rums. I couldn’t imagine that overproof rum could be such a pleasant liqueur to drink. If you get an opportunity to try it – do it! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Concentrated cold brew coffee. Yes, it’s coming from me – great coffee lover with high coffee requirements. Cafeahouse AG lured me with a cup of their cold brew made from concentrate. After I fed my curiosity and afternoon coffee hunger, I could tell two things about concentrated cold brew coffee. First insight – it’s a good alternative for cocktail bars without a professional coffee machine. Second insight – it has good quality to price ratio. It’s cheaper than cold brew made from ground coffee. I wouldn’t be so positive about described cold brew if it were with preservatives or unhealthy additions. It’s not! Plain coffee in a box. Chapeau bas.

mateusz no spoilers
Mateusz (CTO)

Striding among the booths has undoubtedly taught me, that there’s so much more to learn when it comes to spirits. The gins have become the leader of the “I need to try that” enthusiasm. Being able to enjoy them back-to-back has evolved my awareness of botanicals. Next stop – home experiments with the beloved evergreen Negroni. Same cocktail, different taste.

Though, if I were to name one drink that I will certainly remember, the Belgian GIMBER would be the answer. Loving ginger myself, the intense taste it brings with just moderate tint of spiciness, made me go “oh, wow!”. A fun experience, indeed.

chris no spoilers

Being a part of Bar Convent Berlin, I truly felt like I was a kid in a theme park. Every day was filled with something exciting, educational and unexpected. I made some new friends along the way, especially from the ‘House of Angostura‘. It was a thrilling 3 days and something that I will never forget. Hopefully, I will be able to attend Bar Convent Brooklyn as well as visit Berlin on again next year. 

janek no spoilers


The way the event was organized was spot on. Despite the venue as large as a football field, I never felt lost at any point during my time in BCB. Connecting with folks at the stands, I received great insights into what’s coming up in the Bar industry, which has me very excited. The products that I really liked at the convention were Remy Cointreau, Haymans Small Gin, and Angostura Rum.  

asia no spoilers

Bar Convent Berlin trip was a perfect opportunity to get to know the team better. Moreover; thanks to many networking sessions, I presented No Spoilers to other brands. Also, I learned about many different businesses based on a similar field like ours. Finally, I visited Berlin for the first time, and it was monumental, but my stomach missed polish food.

przemek no spoilers

BCB was an extraordinary experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet people/companies that could use our solutions in everyday work. The most significant benefit I gained from participating in BCB was checking myself in a new role – the marketer. In every conversation with a potential customer, I had to present our product in the most interesting way possible. Also, I had the opportunity to try many delicious drinks from all over the world. I hope that in the future, I will have a chance to participate in more such events.

Bar Convent Berlin 2020 is going to be held on the grounds of the exhibition centre Messe Berlin.  Each exhibition hall is expected to reflect the “trends of big city life” and our team is already excited for it. We at NoSpoilers are looking forward to BCB 2020 and we hope it’s just as outstanding as it was this year.

Akshay Shetty