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Restaurant Communication Simplified

Akshay Shetty

The global hotel industry revenue was $570 billion in 2017; yet when we look at the employee turnover rate, it stands high at 73.8%. So, what’s the issue? Apart from problems like long working hours and lack of employee benefits, communication is still one of those factors restaurant owners fail to deal with. And many times, lack of effective communication proves to be a deciding factor between the success and failure of restaurants. Your employees are the first line of contact with your customers which is why they must communicate well!

So what can you do to avoid losses due to ineffective communication of employees?

Multiple Channels of Communication:

Before we dive into the channels of communication you should be using, it’s essential to understand that employees won’t remember something you said once in the busy hours of work. Just like advertisements, it takes a few repetitions for a message to stick in your head. So remember to communicate your message through multiple channels. If you discuss something in staff meetings like ‘Friday Special’, communicate it again through writing it on menu boards and sending short reminders through digital applications.

Embrace Digitization:

Communication using digital apps can be quick and effective. Restaurant owners and managers can use such platforms to communicate quick updates like changes in the menu or a reminder about an upcoming event. While WhatsApp and Messenger is the most preferred platform for communication and updates, we suggest using other social apps like 7shifts, Crew or any other free app of your choice. This will establish a clear line of communication. Your message won’t get lost between hundreds of text your employees receive on WhatsApp.

Furthermore, investing in a reliable inventory management system that can integrate with your POS system will help you keep your stock in check. It will also keep your employees informed if an item cannot be prepared due to lack of ingredients.

Meeting 2.0:

Staff Meetings:

Its a familiar ritual in every restaurant to conduct staff meetings before the shift. But often these meetings are skipped due to the fast-paced nature of the restaurants, late attendees or irregular staffing. It’s vital to conduct staff meetings daily for efficiency and proper flow of operations. Also, ensure you have ample time for your staff meetings to answer any concerns or queries your employees may have at the end of the session. Lastly, treat all your employees equally during the meeting.

Personal Meetings:

Neglected by a lot of owners, personal meetings are one of the easiest ways to keep your employees happy. It’s the best way to communicate with individual employees to help them grow and learn about the problems they are facing if any. While discussing employee performance, remember to always start with positive things. Keep the communication friendly to boost the morale of your employees.


Small changes can make significant differences. Changes like having an open-door policy can facilitate transparency and a better line of communication in your establishment. It will encourage your employees to talk with you without hesitation. Make sure your actions match your words so your employees know they can rely on you. Also, have an employee blueprint or guidebook they can refer to. When in doubt, it will help your employees work efficiently even if you are unavailable.

Personal Feedback:

Here we are finally giving feedback! Providing feedback is an excellent start to building relationships with your employees. But its more important to listen. You can learn more about your restaurant culture, the problems which occur and areas of improvement by just listening to your staff. Be open to the idea of listening to your own feedback. It will enhance how you communicate with your employees while learning what they expect from you.

Do you do things differently at your restaurant? Share your success story and empower others to do the same.

Akshay Shetty