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The Pareto Principle In Hospitality: Marketing

Christopher Reyes

Building relationships is the key to develop an attractive and reliable image for your brand in hospitality. However, in the case of targeting new guests, it will solely rely on your marketing skills. There are many articles with a top ten to-do lists to have a proper marketing strategy. Yet, the one element that most restaurants tend to miss out while marketing is the art of telling a story.

Applying the Pareto Principle into your marketing strategy, you will find that around 80% of top reactions (likes, shares, comments) come from 20% of your posts on Facebook and Instagram. The same goes for the time that you are posting. The best time to post on Instagram and Facebook would be around 20% of your working day. These statistics have been established as practical ways for outreach. But, there are many other elements for an effective marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at a few key components to develop an authentic and effective marketing campaign for your restaurant:

Think Like Your Guest:

Before starting an effective marketing strategy for your business, it is imperative to clarify what your identity is. Who are you? What is your style? Once that is established, you can key in on who you are trying to target with regards to your marketing. For example, you are a neighbourhood bar with a focus on bringing a very casual hip hop and jazz vibes to your facility. With that in mind, you have clearly defined a niche that you want to obtain. Mastering your identity will make marketing to your potential clients so much easier.

Authenticity Matters:

Social media is becoming extremely convenient for individuals to make a decision on where they want to spend their afternoon or evening. People are also looking at social media platforms of restaurants they are interested in, to get a feel of what they will be getting in their experience. Authenticity matters when providing beautiful photographs of your business, the people who visit you, the food and drinks that you serve, and the overall feel. This will determine whether or not someone will come to your establishment to spend their evening or go to the competitor down the street.

Be The Host with The Most:

During your first few months in your establishment, your presence is crucial for your brand. Take time to interact with all guests that walk through your door. Cater to all of their needs and listen to their feedback. Keep in mind that not every guest will be satisfied, and that is ok! Humbly take their advice and make a practical decision that works best for you. Make sure that management is on the same page as you with all of the goals that you are trying to achieve. Hold them accountable if any team member is lagging behind. This will free you up to contribute to many other things that will require a significant amount of time and focus.

Stay Educated:

Continuing to learn what’s new in hospitality is imperative to the success of your business. Learn about the trends of cocktails and cuisines in the industry. It will show a level of passion in your marketing with the knowledge you would display on your social media. Learn about specific keywords to use throughout your social media marketing. It will propel your level of engagement with your potential new guest.

80% of your social media engagement will take place in 20% of your working day. So, it’s best to be strategically prepared with a level of authentic, informative and engaging post that is attractive to your audience. It will significantly increase your outreach and the number of potential sales in your business.


Christopher Reyes