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STKTK is now No Spoilers

Michał Kowalkowski

We are excited to announce that we are changing our name! We are still the same company. Our team has not changed, except the new people who keep joining us. We are committed to building great software for the benefit of your restaurant, just under a new brand – No Spoilers!

Movies and food

Just like everyone – we love movies. It is considered a good manner not to spoil a movie plot. We think the same should apply to food. Overordering, inefficient inventory control, mistakes while following FIFO rule, all of those might lead to food spoilage. Things like poor food prep, bad menu, and mistakes generate additional food waste. We decided to say No (to food) Spoilers!

Improved mission

As STKTK our mission was to automate processes in your restaurant, make them efficient, and save you time and money. As No Spoilers that is still the case! We just want to put special emphasis on waste reduction. We believe that it will bring significant savings to your business, but above all – less waste is good for all of us!

How do I pronounce it?

Let’s face it, our old name was not easy to say. When I had to give someone our email address, especially over the phone, there were always some problems. “Is it TK or a DK?” For our name, we took some consonants of the word “stocktake”, but we were the only ones that knew it.

Join our cause!

We want to work with restauranteurs who want to reduce their waste. We believe that working together, we can make a real change. Visit our page, and learn more about how you can reduce your food waste!

Michał Kowalkowski

I have been passionate about computers ever since I was a child. I started programming and making my first webpages while still in middle-school. Soon after high-school, I moved to Shanghai, China. After some time working as a web developer I founded my first startup company. A few years ago, I came back to my home country and reconnected with Luke, my high school friend. The idea for a new company was born – No Spoilers.