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NoSpoilers: Software Update

Michał Kowalkowski

We are happy to announce that next month No Spoilers application will get an upgrade. We are adding the Recipes tab to our web app.

Why POS systems get it wrong?

Working with different POS systems used by our clients, we realized not all of them are perfect. It’s essential you know which items get used from your inventory when you sell an item.

For instance, if you serve an Old Fashioned, you expect the system to take 1 1/2 oz of Maker’s Mark, two dashes Angostura bitters and a sugar cube. However, not all POS systems will see it that way. Due to their types of products and modifiers, the recipe might get recorded as 1 1/2 oz Bourbon, two dashes bitters and a sugar cube. Additionally, in some cases, the Old Fashioned you sold will be registered as a product instead of individual ingredients making things worse.

Accurate stock control with recipes

When we create our software, it’s always with accuracy in mind. Hence, we decided to introduce our recipe system. It will complement what some of the POS systems lack.

We designed our Recipes similar to our SKU system. They share the same properties you are already familiar with. In regards to product search, you can find your recipes the same way you would look for your SKUs.

Ingredients Tab

The main difference is the ingredients tab. Here you can add other SKUs to be a part of your recipe. Thanks to this solution, we will always know the products that should be used when you sell an item. Same as with other types of records. You can customize how ingredients are counted: per item, by mass or volume.

Can we make it better?

We are excited to roll out this new feature, but we also want to hear your feedback. Do you struggle with recipes in your POS system? Let us know if you think this functionality will help your business.

Michał Kowalkowski

I have been passionate about computers ever since I was a child. I started programming and making my first webpages while still in middle-school. Soon after high-school, I moved to Shanghai, China. After some time working as a web developer I founded my first startup company. A few years ago, I came back to my home country and reconnected with Luke, my high school friend. The idea for a new company was born – No Spoilers.